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ASAC comeback?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sacramone Confirms Comeback


Alicia Sacramone has confirmed her comeback to Kneepads.  They say they will have details soon.

Call me stunned.  Alicia had a torn meniscus in her knee for a few years, a torn labrum, an achilles injury and a calf issue last summer.  She had at least one, if not two surgeries after the Olympic Games.  Alicia also had a countdown on her facebook for her retirement from gymnastics for well over a year.  She also bluntly stated during gymnastics appearances that she was not going to miss the National Team Training Camps.

Alicia also seems to enjoy living the fabulous life in LA and the bar scene.  Will she really want to go back to Martha's rigid ways?  Alicia was at a recent camp 'coaching' Alicia II.  Perhaps Martha and ASac worked something out?  

Is this all a ploy for attention and to get in mens' magazines?  Is it even possible?  Is this part of the deal to woo Peszek to UCLA by having an elite training partner?  Miss Val did use Alicia to woo Peszek to UCLA.  Alicia was Sam's 'special guest' during her recruiting trip.  Sacramone had an autograph signing at the UCLA meet that day.  Peszek was alongside her. Obviously, it soon became a joint autograph session. Now, NCAA rules forbid schools from publicizing anything about recruiting trips, yet Peszek's visit was 'leaked' to the LA Times and made the live UCLA-UGA broadcast.  Nastia's tight relationship with Miss Val also aided UCLA' ability to out do UGA and Peszek's friendship with Shayla Worley.  The UGA coaches were not pleased when they saw what was going on with the recruiting of Peszek during their March dual meet against UCLA.

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