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Alicia Sacramone
Senior International Elite Gymnast

hometown:Boston Massachusetts
birthdate: December 3, 1987
training: elite; Brestyan's Gymnastics; coaches Mihai and Sylvia Brestyan
known for: power-vaulting, explosive tumbling

USA Gymnastics Profile
Alicia on wikipedia
Alicia on You Tube
Alicia Fansite

This community will provide livejournal members with news,
pictures, graphics, and anything else Alicia-related.

1)No promoting unless it is for a relevant community (as in pertaining to gymnastics or Alicia Sacramone)
2)Posting: Stay active! Post away! The only limit is that big pictures go behind an lj-cut. (If you do not know how to do this, go here)
3)Be respectful of Alicia, her sport, and her fans/the members of this community!
4)Introductory posts are not only welcomed, but encouraged! If you wish, you may use the following outline.

-name and age
-where you heard about Alicia
-what you like about Alicia
-favorite Alicia picture
-Other gymnasts you like

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